Writing a Graphic Novel

So, how does one write a graphic novel?
That’s kind of like asking “where does a 300 pound gorilla sleep”……it gets written however it gets written.
In the case of “Doc Monster: Shadow of the Skies”, I decided to pattern it after the old Republic Serials I love so much, like “King of the Rocket Men”.  The serials were a single tale broken into a number of chapters…usually with bizarre sounding and incredible names like….”Molten Menace!” and “The Deadly Fog!”.  Well, I decided to mimic the structure of the story by dividing Doc Monster into 13 chapters, each with its own bizarre-sounding title.  The title would spark my imagination as to what could happen during that particular chapter.  After the chapters are titled, I’ll write short descriptions of the actions I want to take place during that chapter, making special note of main characters that will be introduced.  I’d like to end each “episode” with a cliffhanger…we’ll see how that works.  I purposely don’t want to script out the entire thing in advance…preferring to work one chapter at a time.  I like the flexibility that gives me and keeps the story interesting.  At least that’s the plan.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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