Buy a poster…get free art!

So…I’ve been making posters.

I just love these freaking things.  I’m not sure why I enjoy making posters so much, but I just can’t seem to stop myself.  There’s something about the imaginary history of the image if it’s a movie poster, and sometimes the image is just too cool and iconic NOT to have its own poster.

This poster on the left is one of my favorite Doc Monster images, and a very cool scene in the upcoming Doc Monster graphic novel.
The Judy Drive-In is my favorite, drive in, as well.

So, I thought….why don’t I offer a few of these for sale for like-minded people?  I mean, having a poster like this on your dorm, living room or bathroom wall says something about a person, right?

I printed a few of these babies up just for promotional purposes last year, and they look great!  I have them printed locally.  This is one of my favorite images of Ghost Zero…and the first poster design I ever did.

Before getting a whole bunch of them printed, however, I thought that perhaps I should have a preorder deal to see if anyone is interested first!

This “pink” poster I got hands-on graphic design help from super-designer, Anthony Schiavino, who is a comic creator himself.
It’s got a retro, 1950’s vibe that I really like, plus there’s a picture of a guy without a face.  How cool is that?

So, here’s the deal.  Go check out my store. If you place an order for a poster before midnight (eastern standard time) on Sunday, November 21st, I will include a piece of original art.

For Free.
I don’t have any idea what I will send.  It could be a sketch I cut out of my sketchbook.  It could be a panel from one of my comics.  It WON’T be a drawing of a stick figure.

Remember, when you place your order, I have yet to get the things printed, which should take me about a week.  Your response will give me an idea if anyone is interested in having one of these beauties on the wall.
Heck, I know I am.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a stupid idea, eh?


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