Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I’m enjoying a break from my day job right now, so I thought I’d post some of the sketching that I’ve been doing, and some art that has been sent my way.
You should notice that the header of the page is different now!  The drawing to the left is the original art scan for the “trinity” image.  That’s me in the middle, by the way.  The idea came from good friend Anthony Schiavino, who sent a DC picture done by Darwyn Cooke.  It looked like this:

I love Cooke’s work (if you haven’t read his “Hunter” adaptation, you should), and liked the Norman Rockwell influence in the piece.  Anthony suggested I replicate it with my own characters, but as I was working, I liked the simplicity of the three images.  Everything else seemed stuck on.  Interestingly enough, the heights are about right.  Yep, GZ is short because Eddie hasn’t reached his full, adult height yet. 🙂

I wanted to take a moment to say “THANKS” to the people who participated in the “Poster Preorder” event I had last week!  I’ll be getting the posters on Monday of next week, and should have them shipped (along with a piece of original art) next week as well.  I’ll be adding some comics, original art, and other goodies to the store as time passes.  If you’d like to see something specific, let me know!

Check out the super-cool headshots of Doc, Clay and Charlene (a new addition to the story) sent my way by creative genius Simon Whitelaw!  Not only does he have a nifty, artistic talent, but he’s got a great head for stories.  Check out his blog for the developments in his latest story, “Ramsden of the NorthWest Mounted Police”….a historical tale set in Canadian Country and soaked in weirdness!

I just got back from participating in the First Annual “Up! Fair”, an Indy Comic and Sequential Art convention set nearby in Lexington, KY.  It was a blast!  Barry Gregory, owner of Ka-Blam printing (where both of my Ghost Zero books are printed) was there, and when I walked in, Wayne Spencer, who works there said “Dave Flora?  Hey!  You’re that guy who does the story about the kid, the ghost and the magic ring!”
So, not only did I get to learn how to do screenprinting (I’ve got to try that), and meet some really great guys (like Matt Zolman, who does the art for a super-fun story called “Epic“), I had a feeling that I don’t normally get concerning my art….a feeling of belonging.  These are my people..they’re doing their day job and their labor of love, and putting it out for folks to see and enjoy.  It was great.

So, what am I working on?
Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve had enough planning and I’m ready to start getting art on the board.  One of the great things about working at such a slow pace…perhaps the ONLY thing great about it…is that it gives me plenty of time to think about my plot as I’m drawing.
So today, I’m laboring over how to start the thing.
Starting a story is like that first glance you have at someone across a room.  You want to have the right impression.  The opening should give the reader an idea of what kind of story to expect, and also give them a REASON to keep reading!

I would have loved to have gotten the story started up by Halloween, but it just wasn’t ready.  Heck, it may not be ready yet, but I sure am.  Hopefully, I’ll have the first page up for everyone to see by the end of the week!

So, stay tuned…and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my U.S. friends!




  1. Welcome, Mike! I'm glad my ramblings are a help to someone…I know I was looking for just about anything when I was planning to write.
    You'll LOVE the poster! I saw the proofs this afternoon and will be picking them up at the end of the day. You'll have it soon!

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