The Invasion Begins…

Well folks, the feature is about to begin, but there’s still time to pick up some ice-cold drinks and piping hot treats at the snack bar!  Buttery popcorn, spicy hot dogs or your favorite candies, they’ve got them all!

So we begin.  I was so fired up after Up! Fair a couple of weekends ago that I wanted to get the Doc Monster story started this week.  So, I jumped right into it…even though I didn’t have it fully mapped out.  In fact, after watching one of my favorite movies, “The Iron Giant”, I may change the story in a big way.  It may make the story much better, so it’s all worth it, right?

Also, I’m returning to the story format I had when I first started Ghost Zero back in 2007 – a single panel that is very similar to the old newspaper strips like “Rip Kirby”, “Flash Gordon”, and “Steve Canyon” that I enjoy.  It’ll bring it’s own challenges, but in many ways will simplify the thought that goes into the comic.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve got the art for the first two panels done already, all that is left is the lettering.  Hopefully, one of the advantages of the single-panel format is that I’ll be able to update more often…twice or three times a week.  When I started Ghost Zero back in 2007, it took me a whole week to complete a single panel, now, I hope to reduce that time to a third while still adding color.  Should be a heck of an experiment!

No matter what the shape or frequency turns out to be, I hope that you’ll enjoy the characters and the story.  I’m really looking forward to it, and to getting back into storytelling after so long.

So, run out to the concession stand, put your snacks on that handy tray that hangs from the car window, and get settled for action and adventure in…




  1. Hello Dearest
    I'm an official fan now, not just your diehard supporter and nag: I'm following you!

    So good to see fresh art on your easel!
    Da Wife

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