Liz, do you see anything?

(Click on the image to “Monster Size” it!)
Here we have panel 2 of DOC MONSTER in SHADOW OF THE SKIES!  T-buckets are symbolic of a part of the 1950’s…the whole “Hot Rod” scene…and I wanted to include one in the beginning of the strip.  I really liked the way this turned out.  I really enjoy the tail lights in particular, and I’m pretty satisfied with the feeling of motion in the pic.  I remember riding at night along some Kentucky back road when I was a kid and hanging my head out of the window into the warm, summer night…..the picture above is how it felt.
Minus the looming menace, of course! 🙂
More soon!


  1. you've got an awesome Francivilla vibe in this one. Great subtle colors with tons of textures and a real feel of motion,

    excellent stuff, man– it's awesome to see you back in the swing of it

  2. Thanks, guys! It's great to BE back in the swing of things! It's really wild to take a look at these panels and compare them to the ones I started with back in 2007. Very different indeed.
    I should have a new panel up this afternoon!

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