Oh my God! I-It’s THERE!

(Click the image to MONSTER size it!)
“I’m Batman!”
No..no…sorry about that. 🙂  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out….I worked extra hard on our “Mothman” critter back there.  I wanted it to seem alien and menacing and still kind of…moth-like.  A tough combination to do.  I do think that if I was driving along a deserted back road at night and saw something like that in my rear-view mirror, I’d hit the gas!
It’s a tricky thing to know when to throw in the monster.  Too soon, and you don’t have time to empathize with the characters…too late and the reader gets bored.  The timing is especially tough in a webcomic like this when I can update only every other day at best.  I try to pay special attention to it.  Alex Toth once gave advice on art to “simplify, simplify, simplify!” and that works for story as well.  I try not to show or tell anything that doesn’t further the story in some way.
Sometimes, I actually manage to do a good job.  Other times…not so much.
More soon!


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