Can’t We Just –

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it!)
Well, I’m back!
I did wind up having to buy a new monitor, but the big slow-down with this panel was getting it so I was satisfied enough to put it up.  I mentioned earlier that I redrew the entire panel, which killed an entire afternoon, but I also did a complete re-design of umm…one of our bad guys.  I’m much happier with both the bad guy AND this panel, so it all worked out for the best.
I wanted to give the sensation of a “whipping” feeling as Liz is pulled back into darkness.  This panel is an example of when the finished piece looks substantially different from the “core” artwork.  Liz is lots more enveloped by blacks in the finished piece, which I think is an improvement.
Doc has been getting some pretty nice reviews of late!
Thanks to both of you!
More soon,


  1. I remember reading about the Mothman when I was a kid and it freaked me out big time… I actually didn't sleep for a couple of nights. Now, in the capable hands of Dave Flora, the Mothman returneth, and along with him the old creeped-out feeling. Good stuff, Dave! 🙂

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