Liz! Oh Baby, No!!

(Click the image to MONSTER size it!)
Not a very happy ending for the Scooby gang, eh?  I think I missed the Scooby-doo episode where Daphne was carried off by one of the monsters and never seen again.  This must have been what it was like! 🙂
I thought this particular scene merited a double-panel shot.  I know that the action and balloons are clustered around the car, but that’s exactly the effect I wanted this shot to have….a feeling of smallness and isolation.  In this shot, you really get the point that these kids are all alone out there with….the thing.
I think that it’s this particular thing that really makes me dig horror scenes in rural areas…they’re pretty isolated to start off with…and who the heck knows that old Mr. Gellman has stashed out back in the barn, or what that thing was that was standing in the shadows as we drove by that old house?
We’ll leave the kids here to fend for themselves for a bit.  I can promise we’ll see them again, but I think it’s time we shifted to our heroes and how they get wrapped up in this unlucky situation….
More soon,


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