Virginia – 4 Days Later

(Click the image to MONSTER size it!)
So, here’s Agent Clay, not answering the phone.  I considered skipping over this panel entirely and going right to him picking up….but I felt that seeing him there NOT answering the phone on the first (or second, or third) ring was important.  It tells you something about Clay….important things.  First of all, it’s after 1:00 a.m. and he’s obviously been up…a cigarette is in his hand.  A wedding picture, and what could be a family picture are by the bed, and he doesn’t seem in a hurry to answer a phone call that late at night.
Obviously, Clay has problems.  Too bad for him, more are coming.
Pick up the phone, Clay.
Oh, hey, for those of you who are just tuning in and want to see the whole thing from the beginning without chasing through all these blog posts, you can click on the “Doc Monster” banner on the side ——–>
It will take you to a slide show where you can view them all.  Enjoy!


  1. Mr. Flora,
    Very excited to see that Doc M. will be featured in a full blown story. Intrigued by the Hyde connection. Love the clothes and style. Love the monsters (was that the mothman?)and the 50's setting. Love the art: polished and atmospheric. Great storytelling as well, from the small bits I've seen. I'd be interested to see that interview you had with Doc to flesh out his character. Perhaps as a back-up piece. I'll be buying some posters from your store and if this comes out in a trade I'll buy it for myself and some discerning friends. Great work and thanks.

  2. Welcome, Professor, and thanks for the kind comment! I'm glad you're enjoying Doc Monster, and you're dead on with spotting the Mothman. I'm working very hard to craft the best story I possbily can for you all….let's just hope I'm up to the task! I appreciate your enthusiasm.
    All the best,

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