Well Hello, Agent Gresham.

(Click the image to MONSTER size it!)
Enter Agent Clay.
I knew the gist of what was going to be said on this panel, but still, there were surprises.  The nose whistling, for instance.  I had no idea that was going to be there until I started writing.  I tend to think out the next few panels image first in my head when I’m writing, come up with the general subject matter for the text, and then get the specifics when I’m actually laying the text down.  Gresham is my wife’s maiden name, by the way.
So, in this panel, we find out that Clay works for the CIA and has spent time in Korea, which ended in the previous year, 1953.  I doubt very much that he was doing front line fighting, so what was he doing over there, hmm?  And what the heck is at his front window?
We’ll find out!


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