"He Breaks Legs"

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This was one of those panels I had to have….a transition between Clay’s house and the car outside…kind of a scene change panel.  I didn’t feel like I wanted to jump right to the car with Clay fully dressed, but I didn’t want to spend two panels on getting him out there, so this split panel is my compromise.  Little did I know that drawing the stupid thing would take me almost the same amount of time as two complete panels!  Grr.
It seemed like the left panel took forever to get the figure the way I wanted him.  I was going to leave him there on a black background, but I just couldn’t, so I quickly threw up some shapes of suburban homes and knocked them out in abstract blacks.  I like them.
Anyway, we get to see what’s in the car waiting for Clay next time.  I can’t wait!
See you soon,

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