Can I get a light, Agent Clay?

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Whew!  Another late post!  Grr.  You’ll never guess why.  Remember at the end of the last post I promised you some action?  Well…look at this panel!  The only action I see is flying speech balloons!!
I was going to go straight into the action….even went so far as to draw and color a complete panel….and then I couldn’t do it.  This idea for Carol and Clay talking at a gas station popped into my head and it had to get out.
Dang characters shanghai-ing my story!  I love that “It’s not ALL his wardrobe.” line.  Heh. 🙂
So…Doc’s just standing off to the side.  Maybe he’s paying attention to Carol and Clay…maybe he isn’t.  Maybe he’s just formulating equations while watching the puny humans.
Or…maybe he’s…jealous?  Lonely?  Mad?
Watch out, Agent Clay….”he breaks legs”.


  1. To sum up the trend of the previous comments: this is excellent, professional level work. Atmospheric. Excellent pacing. Nuanced and smooth characterizations. Gorgeous, gorgeous art work. And it's all so much fun. Plus you're able to get this work done while you have another job. If you have any interest I'd love to see this picked up by a publisher to see Doc's ongoing adventures. Perhaps like Hellboy's schedule of contained series/trades every few years. I would absolutely buy every single one of them and the related action figures, etc. It'd be great to see this wonderful work reach a bigger audience and get the recognition and, it's hoped, financial reward. How's that for a testimonial for any possibly submissions you may be considering. By the way, thanks for sending the poster so quickly. It looks great.

  2. I…wow! Thanks so much for such a glowing comment! I am enjoying the heck out of writing this, and I'm glad you're enjoying the ride. It's not always easy coming home after a long day and sitting down to draw all evening, but it's so, so satisfying!
    I sometimes get hung up on the thought of what to do with Doc as a final destination. I KNOW I want it to be in print some day, but honestly, I'm not sure I want to go big publisher. I'd rather have something that is a bit more hand-crafted and personal. We'll see.
    For now, I just try to make every panel tell the very best story I can tell. We'll see how it goes.
    Thank you, Professor! I'm glad you like the poster! I need to get mine hung on the walls!

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