I don’t BELIEVE this!

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Ah, the art of negotiation.  I get the feeling that Clay hasn’t negotiated much…but what do I know?  Maybe this is how it’s done.  Let’s see what our “hillbilly” thinks of it.
I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there’s lots of chatter going on in the interwebs about creator owned comics.  Steve Niles (30 Days of Night ) has posted what he calls a “rant” about supporting indy comics by buying them and passing the word about ones you enjoy.  Also, fellow Southerner Eric Powell (Goon) has posted a video I like to call “An Inconvenient Truth about Comics”.   (Careful, crude humor.)  Briefly proceeding them was Mark Millar’s (Wanted, Kick Ass ) announcement that he had pretty much had it with “the big two” and called for support of creator-owned properties.  Of course, way before then, fellow Kentuckian, Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead) came out with his call for creators to work for themselves.
So…is “Creator Owned” the new Black?
Well, with all of the wonderful technology at our fingertips, producing work is easier than ever.  Of course, getting it distributed to where folks can SEE it is still a problem, not to mention that almost all of the above guys have done work for Marvel and DC..which is a nice leg up.  Still, they are all right.  With mega-corporations owning DC and Marvel, there isn’t going to be lots of risky new material coming out from them…probably, we’ll just see more Spiderman, Captain America, and Batman…all of which I stopped reading in the 90’s.
You know what?  It doesn’t matter to me.  I don’t write Doc Monster (or Ghost Zero) because they’ll be best sellers, I write them because I want to know what happens in the story to these guys.  That’s it.  There isn’t anyone who can tell this story, so I’m the one to do it.  That’s what’s important.
So, I guess my take is, if you see some poor guy busting his butt over a creation he really loves, and you dig it, send him a message of encouragement, or better yet, buy something he’s put out.
Speaking of encouragement, I was BLOWN AWAY by Sean Frye’s INCREDIBLE portrait of Doc!  Check it out!
Sean really picked up on the bestial nature of Doc, eh?  Wow!!
Thanks, Sean!  I hear he’s got more in the works, which blows me away that people would want to do something like that.  I mean, Sean could be playing video games, or something fun, but he chose to draw Doc.
That’s the kind of people creators like me need.


  1. Thank again. Dave for post my art of your amazing creation. I really appreciated it. Like you I want and plan to publish my creations. I drew Doc because I have been follow the character since Zuda. I thought, well I hope the creator had plans on continue this very unique character. I wanted to reach out and show support to a fellow creator and let them know they got something special and don’t let it vanish. I really didn’t know how you would response to my request to draw Doc but I am happy it was well received. I never reach out or even commented on another artist blog or website concerning their creation. Until now, Dave you have one great character there and if I may add was a blast to draw. I prefer to support the indy creations of now, oppose to the mainstream creations of my youth. If you need pin-up art, Cover art, or even a backup artist, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. So keep up the great work! I can’t wait to have that sketch book, and Doc Monster graphic novel in my hands one day soon.

  2. Sean, thanks for such a kind comment! I'm honored that you feel this strongly about the story and characters. I know that, when I was growing up, I always read comics and got so inspired that I wanted to tell my own stories….that's the sort of thing that I want to achieve with my art…the inspiration of others. If you enjoy Doc Monster and it gets you fired up to draw or tell your own story, then I'm achieving my goal. Thanks a bunch!


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