He doesn’t negotiate.

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Mason seems pretty secure in his position, don’t you think?  Too bad he doesn’t know what’s in the back seat of the car he just shot. 🙂
I had a good time drawing this one.  I really like the faces of Mason and Carol, and their poses.  It wasn’t until I was done inking the thing that I thought, “Oh hell…that could be a really confusing panel.”  My wife confirmed it, so I had to do some last-minute editing.  The colors were hard to pull off so that they worked together.  Then, there were TONS of FX sounds in there…each one of them took extra time.
All in all, this one took me about 5 hours AFTER the pencils were done.  I hope it’s worth it.
Something I’ve been thinking about is signing my work.  The old strips that I really admire, Steve Canyon and Rip Kirby (who was a big influence on how Doc looks) had signatures from their respective creators.  What worries me is that a signature might interfere in some way (though I could work to minimize it) and look odd once all of these panels were finally collected into print.
So, what do you guys think?  Signature or no?
Thanks for following along, and welcome if you’re new to the strip!


  1. I think the little digital sigs around the boarder are good, or perhaps signing it somewhere its not readily apparent in the artwork, like finding ways to hide it in textures or something.
    Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. I agree with Neila. the little signatures are fine. But you could put the signature in the image somewhere were only you know were it is. Are you can create an “initial button” to go in the corner. Its a circle that has your last name or your initials in it, would also work. Great panel! Still waiting for Doc, take care.

  3. Thanks, both of you! I appreciate the input. It's not a dire problem, but I always like hearing what other folks think.
    Doc is ALL OVER the next panel coming up! 🙂


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