I don’t remember seeing him move.

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Oy Vey, this piece was difficult.
This is the THIRD piece I’ve done for this panel.  One completely finished before I realized it’s lame-ness, the other made it to pencils.  Here’s the first:
The first one was rejected because…well, this is a big “Doc Entrance” panel, and the darned thing had him looking over his shoulder as he ripped the door off.  You couldn’t see a bloody thing.  Plus, Carson looks sort of stuck in there, and everything is on a single plane…not very interesting at all.
This second piece just got to the pencils stage (and this was AFTER a page of thumbnailing) before I realized that, while it had depth, and Doc looked pretty cool…there was no real awareness of him having just ripped the car door off.  Bleh.
So, I started over.  Again.
Fortunately, I’m pretty happy with the final result.  I could have probably gone with the first piece and have posted a bit earlier, but you guys deserve the best, right?  Besides, what would Doc say about that kind of attitude?
I know what he’d say.  “If you don’t increase your meager efforts, you will continue to be worthless.”
That’s Doc for ya.  Nothing but love.  He’d make a great dad.
So, there’s some different stuff going on around here.  Did you see my signature in the piece?  Yep, I kind of like it…it has that old newspaper strip feel.  Also, did you see that link up on the right that goes to my Ghost Zero comics for sale?  Yep!  I’m pretty proud of them.  If you like Doc, you should give GZ a try.  Apparently, I write acerbic characters.
Also, I just received my copy of “Cover Run: the DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes” in the mail the day before yesterday, and I’m in hog heaven.  I’m a HUGE Adam Hughes fan, and my inspiration folder is full of his stuff.  Needless to say, this lovely little book hasn’t left my clutches since.  If you love Adam’s work as much as I do, then this thing will be a blessing to your bookshelf, my friend.  Or, if you just like looking at well drawn females, so much the better. Go buy it!


  1. A great dad… or a great American Idol judge.

    Been ill and out of things for a while so it's fun to have a bunch of new Doc Monster pages to catch up on.

    Great stuff.

    I agree about the final version being the best with this latest page… altho i do get a kick out of Clay's expression in the first try.

    Also agree the signiture is a nice touch.

    Oh and that Adam Hughes' book is amazing. I keep thumbing through it and cursing the man for being too slow to do interiors… heh. Inspiring.

  2. Simon!
    Sorry to hear you've been sick! Just about everyone here has been as well. I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Thanks for the comments about the post. It was a bear, and I'm still not happy with it. I may redo it for the print version.

    I had the opportunity to sit a few feet from Adamn when he did his Copic Marker Demo in Atlanta. That guy is a HOOT! Very funny and, of course, very talented.


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