How is he DOING this?

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Suprise!  I’ll be you didn’t expect an update THIS soon, did you?
Well, that’s what happens when Dave gets 6 hours of quiet to work.
And I like this page.  Much more than the previous one, but that’s how it works sometimes.  Look at the depth of field..objects in the foreground, midground and background, dynamic diagonals all over the place, sound effects, cool colors AND pithy dialogue.  Whew!
Notice how I’ve got more blacks in this post than the previous one?  I’m trying more shadows…I was missing them.  See how Doc’s face is half in shadow?  That’s new for me.
Poor Agent Clay….in this panel he reminds me of those old comic ads for Charles Atlas Bodybuilding where the scrawny guy is tossed around by the big lug on the beach.  Doc is good in a scrap, no kidding, but he’s got his flaws, which you’ll see as the story goes along.  I also imagine that as Clay gets used to his new “Atomic Superman”, he’ll be able to use it to his advantage.  We’ll see.
So, as I said in my earlier post, I’ve been reading (and re-reading) Adam Hughes lovely “Cover Run” book of his DC comic covers, and he mentioned that he had a soundtrack he liked to listen to as he worked with particular characters.  That sounded like a great idea…I’ve tried it before, with some success, but I’m having trouble collecting a playlist of songs that would work well for Doc Monster.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
Talk to you soon,


  1. Dave, this is brilliant stuff. I guess it's hyperbole, and I wish I was some swinging D like Mike Mignola or Eric Powell telling it to you, so you could take it to heart. But you CAN be part of the Swinging D Pack. That I am sure of.

  2. Mr. Carter! Welcome to the blog! I'm not solidly sure what a “Swinging D Pack” would be…I've always pictured myself as more of the “Singing 6-pack” kind of guy…but if Mike and Eric are part of the crew, I'd be flattered to be there!
    Thank you, Chad!


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