I didn’t see what happened next.

(Click the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
“Y-Yer one of THEM!”
What do you supposed Mason meant by that?  Good night, Mason.
So, we see here, in this very dramatic and colorful panel, a bit of how unsettled Clay is by witnessing this first event with Doc, and how distrustful and…well…intimidated he is by him.  Who the heck wouldn’t be?  Clay was drug out of his house in the middle of the night, drove for hours across the country, threatened by a shotgun, and then witness to something…strange.
It would probably leave us all scrambling a bit for sanity.
Only one post this week, unfortunately.  Valentine’s Day, my wife’s birthday, a funeral and a concert all fell in the same week, so I’m feeling lucky to get anything done at all.
But, I didn’t want to disappoint you guys, or leave Clay, Doc and Carol hanging there.
In other news, I just received the most extraordinary package the other day.  I was part of Daniel and Dawna Davis, creators of the incredibly wild and wacky webcomic MONSTER COMMUTE.
I love monsters and cool, stylistic art, so when this pair of hard working, indie folks announced a fund drive for their second book in the Monster Commute series, I knew I had to be on board.
So, I pre-ordered by book, and sat back to wait, like a good little patriot.  And man, was it worth it!
First off, the box it comes in is covered with cool little stamps:
And when I opened the thing, it was like getting a love letter!  I mean…who does this??
Then, BEHOLD all the extra loot!  Heck…this was like some kind of Monster Christmas!

Money from Hell…pins, and cards…

A travel brochure for Monstru…sort of a weird, backwards U.S….

A cut-out steam car…and finally, the book itself…
WITH a personalized sketch from Daniel!
I…I was just blown away.  Keep in mind, this isn’t some mega-corporation that has boxes of this stuff sitting in a warehouse to be sorted by underpaid workers…this, this is the Indie spirit and craft at its best.  Wow.
Here’s to you, Daniel and Dawna….you’ve raised the bar way up for all of us!  Now, GO BUY THEIR STUFF!
(Runs off to design his own custom stamps for the “Legion of Atomic Supermen!”)


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