Oho!  Didn’t expect THAT, did you?
No…your computer is fine…I was just asked to contribute to a spooky/supernatural comic anthology being produced by Ka-Blam!  I thought…hey, what would be better for that than a Ghost Zero short?  The deadline for this thing is October 1, which, given my production time is pretty tight, but I think I can tell a short story in that time.  Keep your fingers crossed!
I haven’t drawn Eddie, Pallentine or Ghost Zero in over a year, and I had to re-learn how to do it!  Weird how something you drew for years just kind of drops off the horizon of your skill set.  Practice, folks, practice!
Anyway, I plan on making this the most incredible, action-packed short ever, so strap yourselves in, and watch for the next screen next week!


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