Grim Work

(Click on the image to GHOST-SIZE it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Happy Labor Day!  I’m using today to get work done on the RADIO WRAITH short.  I’ve taken a couple of days off this week, so I hope to have two updates this week instead of just one.  I need to get them done, actually, because I have an 8-screen story to tell in 7 weeks!
Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the story as it develops.  I love telling shorts like this…they move along quickly, and it is a challenge saying just what needs to be said and no more.  I’d love to tell some stories in different periods in Eddie’s life…I have an idea for a Korean War story that would be fun to do.  These shorts are like potato can’t do just one! 🙂
I’ve also had the experience of looking at comics with an iPad…and I love it.  Honestly.  I think comics designed with the iPad format in mind will be the next, logical movement for comics.  I’ve found myself actually buying comics…..Marvel and DC comics, to boot…which I haven’t done in years, simply because they look so nice on the iPad and purchasing them is so convenient.  I can’t say I want to spend $2.99 on iPad comics, but I do think there is a price point that will make everyone happy.  We just need to become more familiar with how it all works.
Anyway, look for another update this week.  We’ll see what dangers await GZ…..

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