Doctor Zorbra

(Click on the image to GHOST-SIZE it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
My, you’ll never know WHAT you’ll find hidden in abandoned farms, will you? 🙂
Welcome Doctor Zorbra to the strip.  The good doctor and Charles seem to have a history, don’t they?  I suspect that Zorbra knowing about the Spirit Ring is probably a bad thing….
I enjoyed working on this panel.  A screen without GZ shooting someone is like a day without sunshine!  I managed to get it drawn last night, but it took me another six hours today to get it inked, rendered and lettered.  That means, that, if I had a whole day to work, I could knock one of these out a day. 
Wouldn’t that be an interesting life, hmm?
Anyway, taking days off of my day job has indeed sped up productivity.  Tomorrow, I’ll flesh out the next screen in the story and start penciling.  I hope to have the next screen finished this Saturday.
Keep your fingers crossed!  Both for me AND GZ……:)

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