Bringing a pistol to a fistfight..

(Click on the image to GHOST-SIZE it, or click here to read from the beginning!) didn’t figure it would be THAT easy, did you?  I doubt GZ did either, but y’ gotta try the simple solutions first.
When I came up with the idea for Ghost Zero, I decided that he was most decidedly a firearms kind of guy.  Sure, he can do ok in a fistfight, but he prefers pistols.  This screen shows why.  I know writers are supposed to be tough on their characters, but that boot-to-the-freaking-head panel made me squirm.  When something like that happens, I think to myself, what’s that going to do to Eddie?  Will he be bruised and bloody?  Ouch.  Poor guy.

The ‘Ectoglas’ is a take on Plexiglas..and was inspired by the remake of the movie “13 Ghosts” (a favorite of mine..along with the original version).  I actually had an idea years ago for a 13 Ghosts RPG…and the idea has never quite died.  Instead, I’ll put the bits and pieces into Ghost Zero’s universe for you to enjoy.

As for Doctor Zorbra, I base his looks roughly on a young Orson Welles.  I can hear his voice when I read his lines.
Anyway, I’m very pleased that I was able to make 2 updates this week.  I’m am on schedule for finishing this by October 1.

See you next week!



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