Broken Promises

(Click on the image to GHOST-SIZE it, or click here to read from the beginning!)

Remember Eddie asking Charles not to let him get shot this time?  Yeah.  Maybe he should have asked him NOT TO SHOOT HIM!  I titled this update “Broken Promises” because of that….but then I realized, heck, Charles didn’t actually promise him anything, did he?

Oh, that Charles.

As weird and crazy as this whole thing looks…it wraps up next week!  I don’t have a choice if I want to include it in the “Dark Michief” October compilation that Ka-Blam printing is putting together.  So, now, I have to finish this story in 6 panels or less.  I can do it…we’ll see if I can do it well!

Anyway, the ‘ectoglas’ sheet that Eddie crashes through in this update gave me fits.  I think it turned out ok, but I’ll bet there was a more dramatic spin I could have put on the thing.

…And what the heck is going on with that convict ghost, anyway?  Hmm….

See you next week!




  1. I am loving the Ghost Zero intermission, but I also missing Doc's story. You got a pretty cool universe here. Keep the action coming!

    P.S. There is another Doc Monster piece on my deviantart page, my ID# is Iconyx11 and my blog. I finish it today. Hope you like it.

  2. Sean, that piece you did is awesome! I'd love to show it to everyone here on the blog. Thanks for taking the interest in Doc…I'm sure he appreciates it! You'll see more of Doc after this week!

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