He was in jail, Doc.

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Geez.  Has it been so long?  Doc, Clay and Carol have been going down that road a long time, eh?  I’d say I was sorry to keep everyone waiting, but honestly, I had some stuff to figure out.
First off, let’s talk about why I started doing comics in the first place.  About seven years ago, I posted my first Ghost Zero panel on the web.  It was great fun. I had created (what I believe to be) a very unique and personal character in a setting that combined all of the things I love; action, adventure, a rural setting, and the supernatural.
I had dreams of doing the thing I love most…telling cool stories…of being someday “discovered” and finally be able to spend most of my time doing art instead of my day job.  You know..the kind of dream that nearly every artist has.
Instead of that happening, I’d spent my days working and my nights making comics.  I did self publish a couple of books, but at the rate I could produce (because the day job hogs most of my time), there was no way I could produce at a schedule that any publisher could tolerate….and I couldn’t just quit my day job to make it happen.
So, seven years later, I began to ask myself why the hell I was even doing this.  I have a handfull of great readers, and I’ve developed a bit of a name in webcomics among folks who like the pulp-style of comic that I create, but this Doc Monster story alone (well, the first part of it that I have planned out) will take me at least a year to complete.  That’s a year of working on comics every weeknight and on Saturdays. 
Why the hell am I even doing this?
So, I despaired.  Working hard on something that has no chance of becoming something other than just a hobby seemed pointless.  I stopped working. I then discovered something new.  NOT making comics made me miserable, too.  Yay.
So, I figured that if I couldn’t live without (and still be myself) making comics, I might as well just buckle myself in for the long haul, pick a star to guide me, and start trudging.  Currently, my star…my goal I’m working for…is to complete this Doc Monster story, put it together, and pitch it to a publisher.  I don’t have dreams of it becoming a smash hit, but I do think it would make an entertaining book so…why not?
And here we are.  Panel 36 out of say….80 or so.  I don’t know for sure.  I’m making it up as I go along (with an outline to guide me..I’m not THAT crazy).
Oh, and I haven’t been completely idle, by the way.  Here’s a portrait I did of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins.
Oh, and in our next DOC MONSTER panel, we get to see Carol ticked off. 🙂



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