Doc Monster meets the FRANKENSTEIN Astronaut!

(Click the image to see it bigger!)
Bam!  Oh, come on…how could I resist the idea of Doc meeting Frankenstein’s monster on a 1960’s rocket launch pad?  You would have stopped everything to do it too!  This is a landmark piece for me, as there is exactly 0% Photoshop coloring going on here (well, aside from the lettering).  It’s done on comic board with pen and ink, copic grayscale markers, watercolor and colored pencils.  I was going for a kind of homage to the great James Bama, Doc Savage book covers…tightly limited palette of color, with lots of atmosphere.  I’m pretty pleased with it. 🙂
Here’s a look at the original art, which is for sale in my Comicart Gallery.
Alright. Play time is over. Time to get Doc, Clay and Carol out of that alien jam!



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