Calculating the Odds

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)
Thoughtful kind of cuss, isn’t he?  I’m very aware that there’s an awful lot of text up there, but I wanted to give folks a snapshot of how much and how quickly Doc thinks.  Also, how cold and calculating he is.  In a single thought, he sizes up his opponent, decides that he’ll kill it if he needs to, and weighs the odds that someone is going to get hurt if he proceeds.
Somehow, I don’t think that “62 percent” figure is going to slow him down much, do you?  Ah, science.
I had a good time drawing this piece, though I struggled mightily with it.  I originally wanted to do one side of Doc’s face, with the shadow bleeding into the creature, swooping down on the gang.  It looked stupid.  So, I did the natural thing of having half Doc, half creature look, with the idea that Doc was almost looking into the creature with his assessment.
Now, I’m afraid the strong visual division makes it seem like the thoughts on the left are Doc’s, and the ones on the right are the creature’s.  Sigh.
Maybe, like Doc, I think too much.
If you’re interested in buying this panel, it’s for sale for $25.00 at my Comicartfans gallery!



  1. I'm most interested in heroes who are very smart. Frequently I'm disappointed by writers who can't make the genius believable and interesting. Usually they're just flawed everymen who are good at technology (i.e. Reed Richards). Arthur Conan Doyle could get it right, as does Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. And you're getting it right here. This is how a calculating, genius bastard would think. Additionally is a fascinating storytelling technique. You are really good at finding the best way to portray the theme or feeling you're trying to convey using entirely different methods. Very intrigued to find out more about Doc (but not too much–a bit of mystery is good). Especially the Mr. Hyde connection. Again, really good work technically, intellectually, and emotionally.

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