The Black Monk!

Been quiet around here, eh?  Well, rest assured, I’ve been busy.  I was working with Dr. Curt Herr, professor of Gothic and Victorian fiction at Kutztown University to produce a cover for his latest collection of an 1800’s “Penny Dreadful” titled: “The Black Monk; or, the Secret of the Gray Turret”.  “The Black Monk” is apparently a delightful little tale about a Benedictine Monk who sells his soul to Satan and is involved, along with other characters in Brandon Castle, in a mysterious secret in “The Gray Turret”, a tower whose door has been locked for centuries….
Anyway, Curt approached me because of the cover work I did for a previous book of his (Dene Hollow), and said he wanted something that was an old horror comic feel to make the book seem attractive and accessible to new readers (Victorian fiction can be daunting).  I first worked up the cover art that featured the Monk and the Gray Tower…something that evoked mystery and sinister purpose.  Here it is:

(Click for BIG!  It’s worth it.)

Then, it was my task to put together the cover design, including some portraits done in classic comic style representing the main characters.  After some back and forth, this is the result:

(Again, click for BIG!)
I’m certainly not an expert at design, but I have to say that this is the sort of cover that would make ME pick up a book!  “The Black Monk” will be published shortly by Valancourt Books….I’ll make sure I put up a link to it when it’s available.
I’ve also agreed to put together another cover for Valancourt (interestingly enough, ANOTHER satanic monk story titled…”The Monk”.  What was with the Victorians and those monks?), and I have another project to knock out in a couple of days, which you’ll see shortly, as well as some GHOST ZERO goodness!  Stay tuned, and…..HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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