Landscape number two.

This piece is a tribute to the kinds of things I love about living in the country.  Often, there are these ordinarily mundane buildings…a shed, a house, a store…that are made electric by a dash of snow, fall leaves, or in this case, the evening sky.  I like the contrast..a chunk of Americana dropped into a Maxfield Parrish painting.  I hope it’s not just me who sees these things, because they are astonishingly beautiful.

I’m enjoying painting with watercolor, particularly when it is anchored by the solid, abstract darks like in this piece, which I call “Eighteen”.  The solids let me be more playful with how I lay in color and texture without worrying about losing how the image reads.  This is only my second-ever watercolor painting, but I feel that it was successful in conveying what I was looking for.

Why “Eighteen”?  Well, I grew up just outside of the little crossroad town that this store sits in, and when I was a kid, I made a game out of counting the buildings as I went by…a special way of naming things that a kid doesn’t have a name for.  This is the last of the buildings I counted….”Eighteen”.  I still remember counting them.

I decided to put up an Etsy store to sell my originals, posters, and whatever art-related goodies that come out of my head.  You can find it at DaveFloraArt.  I’ve only got a couple of pieces up there now, but more will be coming soon.

Right now, I’m working on a watercolor self-portrait.  If it turns out to be anything worth seeing, you’ll see it next week.
Till then, have a good one and stay safe.



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