15,000 Words

So, I’m closing in on 20,000 words now in “Ghost Zero: Spookshow”, and so far nothing awful has happened other than mispellings and bad punctuation.  Some of the few, early Grave Diggers (God love you) have given pretty positive feedback. One actually said “my first impression is that you’ve been published before”.  Very cool.
But the coolest part is being the first person ever to actually “see” the story I’m writing. I’m a very visual person, so I see everything happening like a movie. It lets me describe things in very vivid detail. That this snippet where Eddie encounters his first ghost:

“I turned my head to look behind me, just in time to see the brick wall burst into flame.  I wasn’t even sure what could be flammable about a solid, brick wall, but the fire spread, yellow tongues of flame growing and then appearing in other places…connecting together to form the rough outline of a man.

“Ma!  Fire!!”
I took a step back and reached for a blanket from my bed to smother the flames, but before I could get close, something walked through the wall and fire and smoke.  It was a small, bald man whose skin looked like it had been blasted and melted by a blowtorch.  I had heard from G.I.’s who told stories of burned corpses they saw in the war, and this looked like one.  Flames crackled down his arms and I could hear the skin sizzle as black smoke carried the smell of burning fat into the room.  He looked like the fire was coming from inside him…the skin lit up like a lampshade, all of the veins showing through in red.  His closed eyes snapped open and focused on me, roasted, bloodshot things with sticky blue irises.  His face cracked open in an awful smile full of blackened teeth, and he came toward me.”
Yeek. Poor Eddie.
Those of you who are familiar with my Ghost Zero comics may remember that I had a burning ghost in there, too.
What can I say? I can’t let a good idea sit idle. Actually, I’m throwing in all kinds of cool things that have been mentioned in some stories, and some stuff that I’ve been dying to tell a story about, but haven’t had the time.
Right now, for instance, I’m writing a part where GZ is rocketing along a back road when he get’s ambushed by…..
…oh, wait, that would be cheating. Let’s just say it’s pretty fun. 🙂
Can I say what the BEST part of writing this story is? It’s being able to tell a complete story about the kind of stuff that I imagined as I was growing up. I placed the story in a rural setting because when I was a kid, I’d look out the window of my parent’s car, look down at a creepy, overgrown patch of land and think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a shack down there with a murderous ghost? Or maybe a vampire is using it has a secret hide-away?”
What can I say? I’m weird.
I just hope that this story finds its way into the hands of other people who enjoy weird. 🙂
More soon,


  1. Thanks, Nether! I intend to keep the first book in 1st person because I want to create as emotional experience for the reader as possible, and also because this is my first book and switching viewpoints can be tricky.

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