Life Wants to Keep You From Writing

BOOM, Baby!
So, I’m at 31,837 words with Ghost Zero: Spookshow and rolling right into the final conflict.  Since I tend to think of my stories as action movies, it’s pretty epic.  In fact, here’s a snippit of what GZ has to deal with:
“Then the slaughter started.
With a shriek the ghosts flew off the stage and into the writhing kids, the hanged woman’s rope darting down and snatching up a young boy, snapping his neck with a horrible popping sound.  The little girl jumped to the floor and then bounded twenty feet through the air to land on a pretty brunette who screamed.  As she tried to throw the slimy ghost off her, the girl grabbed her hair and pulled her face over, covering her mouth with a sickly kiss.  The brunette squeezed her eyes shut and tried to jerk away, but her eyes flew open and her cheeks ballooned as the ghost wretched a spray of water down her throat.  She fell to the ground, her thrashing growing weaker.  A boy nearby tried to grab the spook and pull her off, but his hands passed right through as if she were empty air.
The headless man stayed on the stage, dragging the weight on the chain behind him.  He raised his tree-trunk arm and swung the chain until it lifted the weight, a running engine block trailing smoke, into a lazy arc over his head and brought it crashing down on the people in the middle section like some giant hammer.  The sound in the auditorium rose into a single, roaring scream.”

Holy Crap. Ghosts are bad news, eh?

So, anyway, here I am running down the clock on the story, getting to the final, climactic scene when I get contacted by Evil Hat who makes really cool RPG stuff and asked if I could do a several interior illustrations for them on a tight deadline. Now, Evil Hat happens to make stuff I really love, “Spirit of the Century“, the “Atomic Robo” game and “The Dresden Files RPG“, so when they asked, I jumped. I’m really looking forward to working with these guys, and with the amount of work they need and the time-frame they need it by, I’ll be devoting bit of creative time I have to the project for the next month.

But…but…what about Ghost Zero?

Well, that’s a darned good question. I want the story to move along, and I’m just a few thousand words from being finished with the first draft, so I went looking for free time I could grab to write. You know what I came up with?


I’m lucky enough to have a job that provides a lunch hour, and I happen to have a computer sitting right in front of me, so yesterday, I put on headphones, blasted some appropriate music and tried to write.

…And it worked!

It wasn’t as much as I normally get to write in a day, but it was still progress, which is the important thing, and I still felt like I’d had a break from work.

So remember, life wants to keep you from writing, and will throw every opportunity in your way to stop you, but you don’t have to let it. Look at the routines you normally have and ask yourself “does it HAVE to be that way?” If it doesn’t maybe you could make a change that would fit some creative time in there. Even if it is just a little, it will be something.

…And you can rest when you’re dead. There’s cool stuff to be done!

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  1. Keep at it Dave. You've got the right idea and the drive to make it happen. Currently working on the second draft of my own. Just keep pushing forward and remember the first draft isn't the only draft. It only gets better with time.

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