About Me




I was born in 1968 on a dairy farm in rural, Eastern Kentucky.  An artist from an early age, I devoured reading through my favorite medium (comic books) and occupied myself telling stories about the characters I created.

After high school, I obtained a degree in Studio Art, followed by a degree in Electricity/Electronics and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Technology.  I wound up working in the distance education arena in higher education, where I help solve people’s problems.

Although I had run roleplaying games for years (Spirit of the Century and Pathfinder are favorites), my first public venture into story was with the webcomic “Ghost Zero”, which started in January, 2007.  It was followed by a couple of self-published Ghost Zero comics, along with a 1950’s B-movie webcomic called “Doc Monster”.

I really enjoyed the visual medium of comics, but, when you write, draw, ink, color, letter and publish a comic yourself, it takes an incredible amount of time.  I felt frustrated at the pace at which I could tell my stories.

With the advent of self publishing through Amazon, I found my solution.  I can write novels quickly and publish them so that everyone can get to know and love the characters that have been populating my imaginary worlds for years.

My first novel, Spookshow, was published in January, 2014.

So, onward.


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